You come first

Your individuality makes you unique. Therefore it makes perfect sense that your job search should be tailored just to you. That’s exactly what we do!

ARQ. understands that switching jobs can be a challenging experience. We pay very careful attention to your career needs and expectations. Your confidence in ARQ. is paramount to us.  We pride ourselves in providing honest, constructive and knowledgeable advice from the point of registration to a euphoric job acceptance.


Our network

ARQ. has an extensive network in leading industries within IT, FinTech, Financial and Business Services. We are specialised in Financial, IT and Recruitment roles.

We have chosen to feature only a selection of current roles on our website.  You are always more than welcome to discuss in more detail what you are looking for.

Unlock your potential!


Candidate experience

Nicola Meinders Marketing Director - Oracle

ARQ. always lets candidates know where they are in the process and assists feedback from the organization. They are very calm and in control every step of the process. This is a tremendous boon to anyone whose waiting to hear back on a job!

Patrick Lemmer Project Manager - CGI

I experienced ARQ. as caring and highly motivated. I recommend ARQ. because they possess the necessary skills and are very reliable.

ARQ. only the best, for the best only!